Lucas Hesse
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Hello, my name is Lucas Hesse and I am a graphic designer with a focus on typography, editorial and graphic design. Currently I study and work in Mainz, Germany. Feel free to contact me for freelance work or collaborations.



April 2019: Fonts in Use – Type at work in the real world
March 2019: klikkenthéke [3]
March 2019: E150–a Magazine / Website
January 2019: Print Finishes — Sandu Publishing (China)
December 2018: Design made in Germany [4]
December 2018: It’s Nice That [2]
November 2018: It’s Nice That [1]
November 2018: 31 favourite T-shirt designs of 2018
Juli 2018: Das bewegte Plakat | 100 beste Plakate (Book)
April 2018: Design Everywhere [1] / [2]
April 2018: Design made in Germany [3]
April 2018: klikkenthéke [2]
March 2018: Komma Issue 21 Mannheim
March 2018: Poster Union
March 2018: klikkenthéke [1]
February 2018 French Design Index
January 2018: Brutalist Websites
January 2018: Inspofinds
November 2017: ant magazine Japan
October 2017: Hover States
October 2017: Trend List
July 2017: Leben Lieben Grafik
April 2017: Crème 7
April 2017: CO&CO — Corporate and Collection
February 2017: Mindsparkle Mag
February 2017: étapes
February 2017: Design made in Germany [2]
October 2016: Design made in Germany [1]


Live From Earth (Berlin, Germany)
Kunsthochschule Mainz (Mainz, Germany)
Pushkin & Gogol (Dallas, Texas)
Jamie Hudson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Miirtek (Berlin, Germany)
Hugo Boss (Metzingen, Germany)
Frauenreferat Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)
Realiter (Germany)


June 2018: Black & White (Birmingham Design Festival), Market Hall (Birmingham, UK)
May 2018: Europe Poster — Public Exhibition, Katschhof (Aachen, Germany)
May 2018: Augmented Reality Poster Exhibition, Improper Walls (Vienna, Austria)
May 2018 /b/channel, fanfare (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
March 2018: The Moving Poster, Medrar (Cairo, Egypt)
Oktober 2018: Poster on Ice, Gutleut (Mainz, Germany)
September 2018: Captcha, Kunstverein Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany)
Juli 2018: 21. HfG Rundgang, HfG-Kunsthalle (Offenbach, Germany)
Juli 2018: Symbiosis, Substanz der Stadt (Mainz, Germany)
Juni 2018 Moon Exhibition, Kulturhaus Kosmos (Zurich, Switzerland)
April 2017: Crème 7, Caritasgebäude, (Mainz, Germany)

Curriculum Vitae:

2019: Internship at Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018: After School Club by Eike König, Offenbach, Germany
2018: Guest student at Koenigsklasse by Eike König at HFG Offenbach
2017: Exchange student at Seoultech, Seoul, Republic of Korea
since 2016: Working as freelancer
since 2015: Graphic design at University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Germany
2011 — 2014: Apprenticeship as media designer (digital and print)
2011: Internships in different agencies